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Getting support for HERMES Mail

There are many channels for you, as a user of HERMES Mail, to get support, either direct from the developers or from your fellow computerists. For the moment, though, the HERMES community is a small one, so if you can not get help by means of your preferred method, try another.


The software distribution of HERMES Mail includes a sizable online help database, which may be accessed by clicking on the Help menu within the application and selecting "Topics", or else by pressing F1 on the top row of your keyboard. This form of help is accessible even if you can not connect to the Internet or your mail server.

The aforementioned database also exists in printed form; the Official HERMES Mail 8 User Guide may be purchased from Lulu or Amazon . It is identical to the electronic database with the only difference being in presentation.

Moreover, the community is producing a wiki. Like other wikis, anyone may contribute to it; errata can be amended as soon as someone notices them.

Internet Relay Chat

If you have an Internet Relay Chat client installed on your computer (we recommend IceChat), you may join the #team-hermes channel on chat.freenode.com. Responses are usually instant or nearly so.


There are two Web fora available for discussion of HERMES products: the teamhermes "subreddit" on Reddit, and the hermesmail discussion on SourceForge. The former is for all HERMES products, while the latter is Mail-specific.


Finally, there is the eudora-win listserv (eMail discussion list), maintained by the Clio ListMoms Cartel. To join, click this link (opens in eMail client). Messages may be posted by sending mail to eudora-win@hades.listmoms.net.