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HERMES Mail/W: a roadmap for the future

milestone 8.0: "Kensington"

In this, our inaugural release, our over-arching goal was to bring the original, 2004-vintage QUALCOMM code into compliance with modern-day technologies. Accordingly, feature improvements can be construed as exceedingly conservative and in line with the expectations of established Eudora users:

Manpower considerations obstructed all efforts to transition to any alternative toolkit. WxWidgets and MFC were both tried; MFC proved viable, though development progressed too slowly.

milestone 8.5: "Brentford"

Our target for "Brentford" is to produce a best-of-breed eMail client for power users on Windows, which means beating, or at the very least drawing level with, some big names (you know who you are). Our planned features are:

milestone 9.0: "Hounslow"

We don't as yet have a crystal ball, but the minute we do, you'll be the first to know. Watch this space!